What do we do and why do we do it?

Our main goal is to create a very specific and custom solution for our clients needs, while retaining a high level of interactivity. We will work to develop brand identity for your company, and if you already have one, our design decisions will revolve around it. We have one passion - to create and design a website you will be proud to show to the world.We create pages filled with emotion and high-quality content. We help our customers use the Internet to their advantage and expand their business even further.

Nikolay Iliev, Manager

Our solutions are not only very customisable, but also highly creative and innovative. We don't take any decisions until we have listened very carefully to our customers, and we have understood their problems and needs. We make sure that we make the designs as original as possible so as to give our clients an unique experience.

The thing that differentiates NICT Ltd. from other Web Design companies is that we do our best to make the customers investment worthful.